Golf Greens Acushnet

Dawn Lotter | 10/22/14

Synthetic Turf Greens are perfect for golf courses, driving ranges, pro shops and even rec rooms in your home.

Allison Merta | 10/21/14

Mirage Greens can even be cpped onto, and they have excellent ball holding capabilities.

Adrienne Ponsolle | 10/19/14

Once you have putted on our Mirage Putting Green, you will be convinced, it is the most realistic maintenance-free synthetic putting surface in the world. Be a better golfer when you practice on your own putting greens from Synthetic Turf Greens.

Cathy Occhipinti | 10/17/14

Practice your game in your own backyard with a putting green made of the finest synthetic turf in the industry, a Mirage Putting Green from Synthetic Turf Greens.

Ann Kindblom | 10/17/14

With the new Mirage Tour Putt Turf System, there is no need for deep sand-fill or top dressing.

Cathy Smidowicz | 10/15/14

Why travel to the golf course or mini putt every time you want to practice putting? Putt at home with your own putting green. Synthetic Turf Greens is an authorized independent dealer for Mirage Putting Greens international.

Amy Lange | 10/14/14

he Mirage Turf System does not require deep sand in-fill to create proper ball-speed.

Allison Bath | 10/14/14

Our Mirage Turf putting surface looks and putts just like real grass putting greens.

Adrienne Muller | 10/12/14

Synthetic Turf Greens is your premier source for no sand synthetic putting greens and artificial lawn grass.

Dan Blouin | 10/12/14

Ts is the cost effective, low-maintenance alternate way of having a practice putting green in your own backyard.

Chris Rados | 10/12/14

Improve your golf game with your own backyard practice putting green from Synthetic Turf Greens. Synthetic Turf Greens are perfect for retirement communities, condominiums and office complexes.

Allyson Norfleet | 10/10/14

It is not just the turf material that makes up a professional synthetic putting green, it is the process or system of the finished product.

David Pickering | 10/10/14

Not only does the Mirage Turf look and perform more like a bent-grass putting green, it also costs less, because the installation process is not nearly as time-consuming.

Carolyn Buller | 10/08/14

Not only will your golf game improve, but a backyard putting green is great fun and entertainment for your family - right at home.

Brian Prater | 10/07/14

Practice your short game in your own backyard with the best synthetic turf in the world today.

David Rifkin | 10/07/14

The Mirage Turf System consists of a synthetic turf that is made of polypropylene and nylon, textured, multi-color fibers that have been naturally bent to create a real bent-grass look.

Guy Naples | 10/05/14

Synthetic Turf Greens are perfect for shopping malls and auto dealersps.

Derek Nelson | 10/03/14

Synthetic Turf Greens are perfect for hotels, motels and apartment buildings.

Chris Ruggiers | 10/01/14

Improve your golf game. Cp and putt your way to lower scores with your own backyard or indoor putting green.

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golf greens Acushnet